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Bolt Energy USA, based in Largo, Florida, USA, specializes in crafting top-tier lithium golf cart batteries. Our company supplies batteries and accompanying accessories to individual golf cart owners, businesses, and dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Our lithium golf cart batteries are renowned for their exceptional quality, reliability, and superior performance.

Bolt Energy USA was established by a pair of seasoned professionals in the golf cart industry, Brent Tenney and Bobby Diaz, each boasting over a decade of experience. They joined forces and formed a dynamic partnership that initiated one of Florida's premier customized golf cart retailers, known as Crusin Carts. Collaboratively, they have also introduced the widely acclaimed 'White Lightning Speed Motor,' which has found its way into thousands of vehicles nationwide. Both Tenney and Diaz are committed family men who prioritize their roles as dedicated husbands and fathers, exemplifying a strong commitment to family values and ethics while running their businesses.

Bobby brings to the table a wealth of expertise garnered over nearly four decades in various fields such as electronics, circuit board maintenance, electronic systems, HVAC, commercial water chillers, and refrigeration. He has a history of owning and currently operates multiple businesses, some of which have thrived for over 35 years. Bobby holds a steadfast belief in the importance of exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in all his endeavors. His enthusiasm for this lithium golf cart battery industry is unwavering, and he is resolute in his determination to consistently deliver nothing short of a 5-star experience.

Brent holds a mechanical engineering degree and boasts over two decades of experience in constructing and enhancing electric motors, starter/alternators, generators, and drive systems. His career as a golf cart technician spans more than a decade, earning him the moniker 'The Mad Scientist' for his exceptional knack in diagnosing and repairing complex issues that often confound others. Notably, he's credited with inventing the 'White Lightning' speed motor. Brent derives great satisfaction from engaging with customers and takes immense pride in the quality of his work.

Following a period of dissatisfaction and customer grievances resulting from the use of various brands that failed to meet their exacting quality standards and the requirement for effective customer support via phone and email, they embarked on a mission to craft the most highly regarded lithium golf cart battery in the industry. Drawing from their extensive expertise and three years of intensive research and development, they successfully engineered the industry's premier lithium golf cart battery. They not only conceived the concept but also meticulously managed the entire production process, employing only the finest quality components to bring to life BOLT ENERGY USA's superior lithium batteries.

Feel free to reach out to our lithium golf cart battery company for a conversation with our seasoned professionals, and discover why we hold the coveted position of being the top-tier manufacturers of lithium golf cart batteries in the industry. We extend a warm welcome to you, offering our expertise and insights. Our dedicated team is available throughout the workweek from 9 AM to 6 PM, ensuring you have a direct line to assistance. Whether you have inquiries about our batteries or are seeking information about our comprehensive range of accessories including cables, controllers, and HD solenoids, we stand ready to address any questions or concerns you may have. Your queries and interests are important to our company, and we are committed to providing the information you need to make informed choices about our high-quality products. So, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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